Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Fiction - Young Adult | FICT-YA

Title Author Available
A Broken Kind of Life Mayfield, Jamie
Adaptation Lo, Malinda
A Fine Bromance Moss, Christopher Hawthorne
A Fine Bromance Moss, Christopher Hawthorne
Alex As Well Brugman, Alyssa
A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend Horner, Emily
Andy Squared Lavoie, Jennifer
Annie on My Mind Garden, Nancy
A Question of Manhood Reardon, Robin
A Really Nice Prom Mess Sloan, Brian
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Sáenz, Benjamin Alire
A Secret Edge Reardon, Robin
Ash Lo, Malinda
Asher's Shot Wheeler, Elizabeth
Ask the passengers : a novel King, A. S.
A Story of Now O'Beirne, Emily
Band Fags! Polito, Frank Anthony
Being Emily Gold, Rachel
Between You & Me Calin, Marisa
Blood Moon O'shea, M.J.
Bottled Up Secret McNamara, Brian
Boy Meets Boy Levithan, David
Boys of Summer Berman, Steve
Caleo, Leech Book 1 Crawford, James
Calli Anderson, Jessica Lee
Caught in the Crossfire Rich, Juliann
Changers : book one : Drew Cooper, T * | Glock-Cooper, Allison
Changers Book Two Cooper, T. * | Glock-Cooper, Allison
Chulito Rice-Gonzalez, Charles
Cold Moon O'shea, M.J.
Curse of the Arachnaman Thorne, Hayden
Dad#1, Dad#2: A Queerspawn View from the Closet Perry, Natalie
Dangerous Angels Block, Francesca Lia
David Inside Out Bantle, Lee
Determination Mayfield, Jamie
Dirty One Graves, Michael
Don't Let Me Go Trumble, J.H.
Double exposure Birdsall, Bridget
Drama Queers! Polito, Frank Anthony
Dreams of Fire and Gods: Dreams Erich, James
Dreams of Fire and Gods: Fire Erich, James
Dreams of Fire and Gods: Gods Erich, James
Driving lessons : the you know who girls: soph year Hesik, Annameekee
Educating Simon Reardon, Robin
Empress of the World Ryan, Sara
Entries From a Hot Pink Notebook Brown, Todd D.
Every Day Levithan, David
Everything Changes. Hale, Samantha
Femme Bach, Mette
First Time for Everything Regan, Anne