Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Fiction - SciFi/Fantasy | FICT-SF

Title Author Available
Shadows Return (Nightrunner, Bk. 4) Flewelling, Lynn
Shenandoah (Mother Earth) Blue, Ally
Shirewode Hennig, J Tullos
Silver (Humanotica) Abriel, Darcy
Sins & Shadows Benedict, Lyn
Sketch of a Murder, Special Crimes Team Book One Walksfar, Aya
Skin Deep Franco, Mark Del
Smoketown Johnson, Tenea D.
Somewhere in the Night Mcmahan, Jeffrey N. * | Gomez, Jewelle
Sons of Darkness Rowe, Michael * | Roche, Thomas S.
Soothe the Burn Chase, T.A.
Speaking Dreams Park, Severna
Spirit Sanguine Harper, Lou
Spook Squad Price, Jordan Castillo
Stalking Darkness Flewelling, Lynn
Stasis Fielding, Kim
Static Witt, L.A.
Staying Dead Gilman, Laura Anne
Steelheart Sanderson, Brandon
Stolen Hearts, Book One: Heart Charm Miller, Sasha L.
Stormhaven (Whyborne & Griffin) (Volume 3) Hawk, Jordan L.
Strain Gormley, Amelia
Strange Fortune Lanyon, Josh
Street Harvest, Special Crimes Team Book Two Walksfar, Aya
Striker Ander, Lexi
Stumptown Spirits Russell, E.J.
Succubus Shadows Mead, Richelle
Sweet Fire Brady, Sarah & Shannen
Sword of the guardian Shannon, Merry
Swordspoint Kushner, Ellen
Tangle Kimberling, Nicole
Tethered Pair Noble, Elizabeth
The 100th generation Saracen, Justine
The Awakening Banks, L.A.
The Bachelor Machine Christian, M. * | Tan, Cecilia
The Bastard Prince Derr, Megan
The Bestiary (Volume One) Ottoman, E.E. * | Wirth, Beth | Craig, James L.
The Bone Cup LaBarthe, L.J.
The Bone Doll’s Twin Flewelling, Lynn
The Butterfly King Manning, Edmond
The Calm Before Jaydon, Neena
The Caphenon DeLancey, Fletcher
The Children of Gavrilek Chandler, Julie Kirtón
The Circus of the Damned Grey, Cornelia
The City Lynne, Carol
The Coming of the King Albert, Maria
The Crystal Lake LaBarthe, L.J.
The Devil's Right Hand (Dante Valentine, Book 3) Saintcrow, Lilith
The Dragon's Hoard Eight, Mell
The Empress and the Acolyte Fletcher, Jane