Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Fiction - SciFi/Fantasy | FICT-SF

Title Author Available
Neveryóna, Or, the Tale of Signs and Cities Delany, Samuel R.
No Ocean Too Deep Carver, Leona
No Shadows Fall LaBarthe, L.J.
Nova Delany, Samuel R.
Old Woman Gone, Special Crimes Team Book Three Walksfar, Aya
Oleander House (Book 1, Bay City Paranormal Investigations) Blue, Ally
Once Bitten Price, Kalayna
One Saved to the Sea Kingsgrave, Catt
Our Sacred Balance Labbe, Marguerite
Pale as a Ghost Osborne, Stephen
Pale Demon (The Hollows, Book 9) Harrison, Kim
Perilous Partnership (Partnership in Blood Series) Tachna, Ariel
Pilgrimage Fielding, Kim
Power and Magic Kane, Daniel
Prodigal Wolf Franks, Le * | York, Sara
Prom Nights From Hell Cabot, Meg * | Harrison, Kim | Myracle, Lauren | Meyer, Stephanie | Jaffe, Michele
Prosperity Hall, Alexis
Psycop Partners Price, Jordan Castillo
Psycop: Property Price, Jordan Castillo
QSFx2 Caldwell, Clay * | Eighner, Lars
Quid Pro Quo Francis, Manna
Quis Custodiet Francis, Manna
Rachmaninoff Armstrong, S.L. * | Piet, K.
Rangers at Roadsend Fletcher, Jane
Rangers Over Regulus Powell, Alex
Red Caps Berman, Steve
Redemption Craig, Olivia Duncan
Redemption Alley Saintcrow, Lilith
Refuge Lynne, Carol
Reluctant Partnerships (Partnership in Blood) Tachna, Ariel
Reparation in Blood Tachna, Ariel
Resurgence Ogden, Chris
Return to Isis Stewart, Jean
Revenant Bailey, Connie
Rising Frenzy Witt, Brandon
Rosemary and Rue Mcguire, Seanan
Roses & Thorns Wolfe, Chris Anne
Sabers of Mauldar Singleton, Jacqui
Scarlet & the White Wolf Crow, Kirby
Scarlet Thirst Claxton, Crin
Secret Chemistry Kat, Chris T.
Secret Matter Johnson, Toby
Seduction / Late Night Snack Harper, Lou
Selume Proferre Ottoman, E.E.
Seventh White, Rachel
Shades of Sepia Barwell, Anne
Shadow Hunt Raand, L.L.
Shadows After Dark Crozier, Ouida
Shadows of Aggar Wolfe, Chris Anne
Shadows of the Night Herren, Greg