Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Fiction - SciFi/Fantasy | FICT-SF

Title Author Available
Equipoise Fielding, Kim
Everafter Stark, Nell
Every Which Way But Dead Harrison, Kim
Ex-Wives of Dracula Kaplan, Georgette
Eye of Heaven Soper-Cook, Joanne
Fairytales Slashed, Volume Four Alaric, Julia * | Derr, Megan | Eight, Mell | Merrow, J. L.
Fairytales Slashed, Volume One Derr, Megan
Fairytales Slashed, Volume Three Derr, Megan * | Ward, Remington | Jarvis, A.R. | Ismine, Mara
Fairytales Slashed, Volume Two Derr, Megan * | Miller, Sasha L.
Fangs Over America Wagner, Wynn
Fires of Aggar Wolfe, Chris Anne
First Against the Wall Francis, Manna
Flux Fielding, Kim
For a Few Demons More Harrison, Kim
Forbidden Magic Mccray, Cheyenne
For Certain Values of Family Francis, Manna
Fortunes of War Keegan, Mel
Freighter Flights Zachary, Drew
Friends in High Places Marquette, Andi
From Dead to Worse Harris, Charlaine
Frost Moon (Skindancer, Book 1) Francis, Anthony
Gabriel's City Hunter, Laylah
Games & Players Francis, Manna
Ghosts of Alcatraz / The Claiming of Patrick Donnelly Lynne, Carol
Ghost Star Night Kimberling, Nicole
Ghostv Price, Jordan Castillo
God's Play Lynn, H.D.
Grave Passions Mann, William J.
Greenwode Hennig, J Tullos
Have A Bite Emanuelle, R.G.
Heart's Home Pattskyn, H. B.
Heartstone & Saber Singleton, Jacqui
Heir of Starlight Kimberling, Nicole
Heir to the Throne Albert, Maria
Hidden Warrior Flewelling, Lynn
His Sacred Bones Hale, Ginn
His Salvation Loveless, J.R.
Hormone Pirates of Xenobia Posey, Ernest
Hot Cargo Bennett, Nicki * | Tachna, Ariel
Hungry Ghost (Tales of the Pack, Book 2) Moon, Allison
I Call Death Dad Chase, T.A.
Ice and Embers Li, Augusta
Infected Speed, Andrea
Infected Bloodlines Speed, Andrea
Infected Freefall Speed, Andrea
Infected Holden Speed, Andrea
Infected Prey Speed, Andrea
Infected Shift Speed, Andrea
Infected Undertow Speed, Andrea
Insomnium Bonelli, Zachary