Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Spirituality & Religion | SPIRIT

Title Author Available
A Book of Revelations Crew, Louie
A Church at War Bates, Stephen
Amazing Grace Boyd, Malcolm * | Wilson, Nancy L.
Another Kind of Love Woods, Richard
Arguing with God Hutcherson, J. T.
A Witches Bible Compleat Farrar, Stewart * | Farrar, Janet
Banned Questions About the Bible Piatt, Christian
Between Two Gardens Nelson, James B.
Beyond Surviving Johnson, Joshua Moon
Bitch Goddess Califia, Pat * | Campbell, Drew
Black, Gay, and Christian Davis, Herndon L.
Blossom of Bone Conner, Randy P.
But Lord, They're Gay Pennington, Rev. Sylvia
Can Homophobia Be Cured? Hilton, Bruce
Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit Conner, Randy P.
Charmed Lives Johnson, Toby * | Berman, Steve
Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality Boswell, John
Come Home! Glaser, Chris
Coming Out As Sacrament Glaser, Chris
Coming Out, Coming Home Burr, Kenneth A.
Coming Out Spiritually DeLaHuerta, Christian * | Fox, Matthew
Coming Out Within O’neill, Craig * | Ritter, Kathleen
Congregations in Conflict Hartman, Keith
Congregations Talking About Homosexuality Gaede, Beth Ann
Contending For The Faith Ferguson, K.A.
Dating the Greek Gods Gooch, Brad
Descanso Tyler, Cynthia
Discovering Images of God Graham, Larry Kent
Don't Be Afraid Anymore Perry, Troy D. * | Swicegood, Thomas L.P.
Embracing the Exile - Healing Journeys of Gay Christians Fortunato, John E.
Equal Rites Cherry, Kittredge * | Sherwood, Zalmon
Evolutionary Witchcraft Coyle, T. Thorn
Ex-Gay No Way Rix, Jallen
Ex-Gays? There Are None! Pennington, Rev. Sylvia
Faithful Conversation Childs, James M.
Freedom, Glorious Freedom Mcneill, John J.
From Queer to Eternity Sweasey, Peter
Gay Astrology Yawney, Michael
Gay Body Thompson, Mark
Gay Lifestyles Pittenger, Norman
Gay Love Signs Jay, Michael
Gay Perspective Johnson, Toby
Gay Priest Boyd, Malcolm
Gay Priests Wolf, James G.
Gay Signs Kneeland, J.E.
Gay Soul Thompson, Mark
Gay Spirit Gay Soul Thompson, Mark
Gay Spirituality Lanphear, Roger G.
Gay Spirit Warrior Stowe, John R.
Gay Stars Abergel, Matthew