Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Law & Legal | LAW

Title Author Available
AIDS, The Law, and You King, County Bar Association
A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples Curry, Hayden
A Lesbian and Gay Parents' Legal Guide to Child Custody Guild, National Lawyers * | Rights, National Center for Lesbian
Beyond Straight and Gay Marriage Polikoff, Nancy D.
Cases and Materials on Sexual Orientation and the Law Rubenstein, William B.
Civil Wars Moats, David
Courting Justice Murdoch, Joyce * | Price, Deb
Covering Yoshino, Kenji
Entrapped: An Accused Homosexual Looks at American Justice Baskett, Edward Eugene * | Warren, James A.
Equality for Same-Sex Couples Merin, Yuval
Gaylaw EskridgeJr., William N.
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Public Policy Issues: A Citizen's and Administrator's Guide to the New Cultural Struggle Swan, Wallace
Gay & Lesbian Rights Sember, Brette Mcwhorter
Gay Marriage: For Better or for Worse? : What We've Learned From the Evidence EskridgeJr., William N. * | Spedale, Darren R.
Gay Politics Vs. Colorado and America Bransford, Stephen
Gay Rights Roleff, Tamara L.
Gays and Lesbians in the Democratic Process Riggle, Ellen D. B. * | Tadlock, Barry L.
Gays/Justice Mohr, Richard D.
Hybrid Colker, Ruth
Law & Sexuality: A Review of Lesbian and Gay Legal Issues (vol. 1, Summer 1991) Cain, Joyce P.
Legal Affairs Hertz, Frederick * | Browning, Frank
Lesbian (Out)Law Robson, Ruthann
Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Law Rubenstein, William B.
Lovers, Doctors, and the Law Davis, Margaret L.
Love Unites Us: Winning the Freedom to Marry in America Cathcart, Kevin
Motherhood, Lesbianism, and Child Custody Wyland, Francie
On Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, and the Rule of Law Strasser, Mark
Perverts by Official Order: The Campaign Against Homosexuals by the United States Navy Murphy, Lawrence R.
Policing Public Sex: Queer Politics and the Future of AIDS Activism Bedfellows, Dangerous
Policy Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families Cahill, Sean * | Tobias, Sarah
Power of Attorney Book Clifford, Denis
Queer (In)Justice Mogul, Joey * | Whitlock, Kay | Ritchie, Andrea
Rainbow Rights Cain, Patricia A.
Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution Gerstmann, Evan
Same-Sex Marriage, Pro and Con Sullivan, Andrew * | Landau, Joseph
Same-Sex Marriage: The Moral and Legal Debate Baird, Robert M. * | Rose, Stuart E.
Sex Perversion and the Law - Vol. 1 Davis, Porter
Sex Perversion and the Law - Vol 2 Davis, Porter
Sexuality and Human Rights Graupner, Helmut * | Tahmindjis, Phillip
Strangers to the Law Keen, Lisa * | Goldberg, Suzanne B.
The Challenge of Same-Sex Marriage Strasser, Mark
The Constitutional Rights of Women: Cases in Law and Social Change Goldstein, Leslie Friedman
The Equal Rights Handbook Eisler, Riane Tennenhaus
The Gay Rights Question in Contemporary American Law Koppelman, Andrew
The Politics of Gay Rights Rimmerman, Craig A. * | Wilcox, Clyde | Wald, Kenneth D.
The Rights of Gay People Union, ACLU - American Civil Liberties * | Boggan, E. Carrington
The Rights of Gay People (1983 Revision) Union, ACLU - American Civil Liberties * | Stoddard, Thomas B.
The Rights of Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, and Transgender People Hunter, Nan D. * | Mcgowan, Sharon M. | Joslin, Courtney G.
The Sharon Kowalski Case Charles, Casey
The Street Law Handbook Viswanathan, Neeraja