Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Fiction - Gay | FICT-G

Title Author Available
18% Gray Tenino, Anne
28 Barbary Lane Maupin, Armistead
2nd Time Around Hardy, James Earl
50 Reasons to Say "Goodbye" Alexander, Nick
A Better Place Roeder, Mark A.
A Betting Man / A Marrying Man (Men of Manhatten #1 and #2) Gasq-Dion, Sandrine
Able Was I Banks, Drew
A Body to Dye for Michaels, Grant
A Boy Called Cin Wilde, Cecil
A Boy's Own Story White, Edmund
A Brother's Touch Levy, Owen
A Cage of Bones Round, Jeffrey
A Casualty of War Burton, Peter
A Casual Weekend Thing Thomas, A.J.
Acid Snow Mitchell, Larry
A Comfortable Corner Virga, Vincent
A Country of Old Men Hansen, Joseph
Acqua Calda Mcdermott, Keith
Acrobat Calmes, Mary
Act Well Your Part Sakers, Don
Adagio Owen, Chris
Adam Mcdonald, Anthony
Adam & Steve Chester, Craig
A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English, Book 2) Lanyon, Josh
Addictions Brown, Laurence
A Death for Adonis Giroux, E.X.
A Domestic Animal King, Francis
Adrenaline Dillinger, James
A Fairy Tale Steinberg, S.
A Few Hints and Clews Taylor, Robert
A Fighting Man / A Working Man (Men of Manhatten #3 and #4) Gasq-Dion, Sandrine
A Foreign Range (Range, Book 4) Grey, Andrew
After Ben (Seattle Stories) Riley, Con
Afterlife Monette, Paul
After Nirvana Williams, Lee
After the First Taste of Love (Nick and Angelo) (Volume 1) Rihai, Talon * | Wilde, Salome
Again Riley, Sierra
A Good Start, Considering Ryde, Peter
A Hard Ride Home Vargas, Emory
A Herd of Tiny Elephants Leventhal, Stan
A History of Shadows Reinhart, Robert C.
A House is Not a Home Hardy, James Earl
A Hummingbird Dance Ryan, Garry
Aidan's Journey Elliott, CJane
Aiden's Luck Riley, Con
Air From Other Planets Clements, Andrew
Alexander the Fabulous Alvear, Michael * | Shecter, Vicky
Alex in Wonderland Lacroix, Michel
Alexis Yourcenar, Marguerite * | Kaiser, Walter
Alf Vogel, Bruno * | Johnson, Samuel B.