Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Fiction - Erotica | ERO

Title Author Available
2009 Ultimate Gay Erotica A, Jesse Grant
2069 Trilogy Townsend, Larry
911 Owen, Chris
A Binding Passion Townsend, Larry
Accompanied by a Waltz Grey, Andrew
A Century of Gay Erotica Andros, Phil
A Century of Lesbian Erotica Bright, Susie
A contagious evil : the mind of a serial killer Townsend, Larry
A Fostered Love Dane, Cameron
Afterglow: More Stories of Lesbian Desire Barber, Karen
Afternoon Pleasures Allison, Shane
A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan Barnaby, J P
Aidan and Ethan (Seeking Redemption Book 1) Dane, Cameron
All-Stud Caldwell, Clay
All the Right Places Alexander, Barry
All You Can Eat Emanuelle, R.G. * | Marquette, Andi
American Prelude Eighner, Lars
An American in Paris Vandenburg, Margaret
Angel Lust Brass, Perry
An Uncommon Whore 1 & 2, Illustrated Edition Mcbride, Belinda
Anything For His Father More, Aaron
A Renaissance in Blood Craig, Jamie
Aroused Wolfe, Sean
A sailor's pillow tales Willard, Guy
A Sand Fortress Coriolan, John
Ask Ol' Buddy Caldwell, Clay
A Slave’s Gambit Townsend, Larry
A slave's life Brown, Pete
Asphalt Cowboys Caldwell, Clay
Asstrucker Griffon, David E
A Sticky End Lear, James
Astral Liasons Duffy, Cassandra
Awakening the Virgin Foster, Nicole
Awakening the Virgin 2 Foster, Nicole
A Wicked Encounter Hunt, Sammy Jo
Backdoor Seller Cochran, Bob
Bad boys : steamy true stories from bathhouses, backroom bars, and sex clubs Willis, Paul J. * | Christian, M.
Bad Habits Welsh, Lindsay
Bangin' Brothers Jennings, Newt
Barbie in Bondage Leventhal, Stan * | Bram, Christopher
Bareback (Bareback, Book 1) Owen, Chris
Barebutt Rider Wilson, George
Bear Lust Suresha, Ron Jackson
Bearotica Suresha, Ron Jackson
Beautiful Boys Labonte, Richard
Bedroom Eyes Newman, Leslea
Beginnings Elder, Lindsey
Below the Belt & Other Stories Andros, Phil
Best Bisexual Erotica Brent, Bill * | Queen, Carol
Best Gay Asian Erotica Tan, Joel B.