Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Women's Studies | WOM

Title Author Available
A Feminist Dictionary Kramarae, Cheris * | Treichler, Paula A.
Against Our Will Brownmiller, Susan
A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World Green, Karen * | Taormino, Tristan
A History of Their Own Volume I Anderson, Bonnie S. * | Zinsser, Judith P.
A History of Their Own Volume II Anderson, Bonnie S. * | Zinsser, Judith P.
Amazon Expedition; a Lesbian Feminist Anthology Birkby, Phyllis * | O'Wyatt, Jane | Newton, Esther | Johnston, Jill | Harris, Bertha
Angry Women Juro, Andrea * | Vale, V.
A Price Below Rubies Shepherd, Naomi
A Room of One’s Own Gordon, Mary * | Woolf, Virginia
A Space of Her Own Gulati, Leela * | Bagchi, Jasodhara
Caring Noddings, Nel
Colonize This! Hernandez, Daisy
Combabee River Collective Statement Combahee,
Competition, a Feminist Taboo? Miner, Valerie * | Longino, Helen E.
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence Rich, Adrienne
Death of Nature Merchant, Carolyn
Dreamers and Dealers Fritz, Leah
Dreams of an Insomniac Klepfisz, Irena
Dykes-Loving-Dykes Jo, Bev * | Ruston, | Strega, Linda
Feminism and the Contradictions of Oppression Ramazanoglu, Caroline
Feminism Meets Queer Theory (Books From Differences) Weed, Elizabeth * | Schor, Naomi
Feminism Unmodified MacKinnon, Catharine A.
Feminist Revolution Redstockings,
Feminist Studies, Critical Studies DeLauretis, Teresa
Fight Back! Delacoste, Frédérique * | Newman, Felice
Full Frontal Feminism Valenti, Jessica
Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge DiLeonardo, Micaela
Going Too Far Morgan, Robin
Growing Up Female in America Merriam, Eve
Gyn/ecology, the metaethics of radical feminism Daly, Mary
Hard-Hatted Women Martin, Molly
In a Different Voice Gilligan, Carol
In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens Walker, Alice
Intercourse Dworkin, Andrea
Lesbianism and the Women’s Movement Myron, Nancy * | Bunch, Charlotte
Lesbian Nation Johnston, Jill
Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts Russ, Joanna
My Mother My Self Friday, Nancy
No Turning Back Freedman, Estelle
On Being a Jewish Feminist Heschel, Susannah
Our Blood Dworkin, Andrea
Passionate Politics Bunch, Charlotte
Personal Politics Evans, Sara
Pornography & Civil Rights: A New Day for Women's Equality Dworkin, Andrea * | MacKinnon, Catharine A.
Pornography: Men Possessing Women Dworkin, Andrea
Presenting... Sister Noblues Gossett, Hattie
Sexism- A Nasty Affair Cordova, Jeanne
Sexual Politics Millett, Kate
Shewolf's Directory of Wimmin's Lands and Lesbian Communities Shewolf,
Signs Vol 9, Num 4 Gelpi, Barbara Charlesworth