Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Sexuality | SEX

Title Author Available
101 Gay Sex Secrets Revealed Bass, Jonathan
A Hand in the Bush Addington, Deborah
A History of Orgies (Prion Lost Treasures) Partridge, Burgo
A Lure of Knowledge: Lesbian Sexuality and Theory Roof, Judith
A Mind of Its Own Friedman, David M.
Anal Pleasure & Health Morin, Jack
An Intimate Wilderness: Lesbian Writers on Sexuality Barrington, Judith
A Queer Geography Browning, Frank
A Separate Creation Burr, Chandler
Asexuality: A Brief Introduction AsexualityArchive,
Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women Heiman, Julia * | Palladini, David | Lopiccolo, Joseph Ph.D.
Box Lunch Cage, Diana
BUTT #18 Jonkers, Gert
BUTT Book Jonkers, Gert * | Tillmans, Wolfgang | Labruce, Bruce | Bennekom, Jop Van
Case Studies in Sex Therapy Leiblum, Sandra R. * | Rosen, Raymond C.
Clear Thinking About Sexual Deviations Mathis, James L.
Clitoral Truth Chalker, Rebecca
Coming to Power SAMOIS,
Cruise Control Weiss, Robert
Cut/uncut Leyland, Winston
Dancing Around the Volcano Kettelhack, Guy
Das Bondage-Handbuch: Anleitung Zum Erotischen Fesseln Grimme, Matthias T. J.
Different Loving Brame, William D. * | Jacobs, Jon | Brame, Gloria G.
Discourses of Sexuality: From Aristotle to AIDS Stanton, Domna C.
Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices Love, Brenda
Erotic Welfare: Sexual Theory and Politics in the Age of Epidemic Singer, Linda * | MacGrogan, Maureen | Butler, Judith
Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong Kick, Russ
Family Jewels Haberman, Hardy
Fatal Women: Lesbian Sexuality and the Mark of Aggression Hart, Lynda
Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot Sundahl, Deborah
Fetish Steele, Valerie
Fundamentals of Human Sexuality Katchadourian, Herant A. * | Lunde, Donald T.
Gay life : leasure, love, and living for the contemporary gay male Rofes, Eric E.
Gay Sex: A Manual for Men Who Love Men Hart, Jack * | Look, Bradley M.
Gay Spirit Loovis, David
Girl Sex 101 Moon, Allison
Going Down Rogers, Ben R. * | Kelly, David L. | Perry, Joel
Heterosexism: An Ethical Challenge Jung, Patricia Beattie * | Smith, Ralph F.
Homosexuality in Perspective Masters, William H. * | Johnson, Virginia E.
How To Bottom Like A Porn Star Miller, Woody
Human Sexual Response Masters, William H. * | Johnson, Virginia E.
In the Heat of Passion Locke, Richard
Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America D’emilio, John * | Freedman, Estelle
Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook Wiseman, Jay
Learning the Ropes Baldwin, Guy * | Bannon, Race
Leatherfolk Thompson, Mark
Leathermen Speak Out: Volume 2 Ricardo, Jack
Lesbian Sex Schell, Jude
Lesbian Sex Johnson, Barbara * | Quackenbush, Marcia | Loulan, Joann
Lesbian S/M Safety Manual Califia, Pat