Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Psychology | PSYCH

Title Author Available
A Guide to Psychotherapy with Gay and Lesbian Clients Gonsiorek, John C.
Being Homosexual Isay, Richard A.
Burnout, Blowout, and Breaking Up Minor, Robert N.
Case Closed! Minor, Robert N.
Counseling in Genderland Miller, Niela
Counseling Lesbian Women and Gay Men Moses, A. Elfin * | Hawkins, Robert O.
Counseling Our Own Klein, Charna
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders A.P.A., * | Society, American Psychiatric
Education, Research, and Practice in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Psychology Greene, Beverly
Gay and Lesbian Mental Health Alexander, Christopher J.
Gay Personality and Sexual Labeling Dececco, John P.
Gays, Lesbians, and Their Therapists Silverstein, Charles
Gayspeak Chesebro, James W.
Homophobia Minor, Robert N.
Homophobia : the state of sexual bigotry today Kantor, Martin
Homosexual Behavior Among Males- A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Species Investigation Churchill, Wainwright
Homosexuality Bieber, Irving * | Dince, Paul R. | Dain, Harvey J.
Homosexuality and American Psychiatry Bayer, Ronald
Homosexuality and Counseling Jones, Clinton R.
It’s Your Hour Bettinger, Michael
Jung, Jungians, and Homosexuality Hopcke, Robert H.
Keys to caring : assisting your gay and lesbian clients Kus, Robert J.
Lesbian & Gay Youth Ryan, Caitlin * | Futterman, Donna
Lesbian Psychologies Boston, * | Collective, Lesbian Psychologies
Loving Boldly Rothblum, Esther D. * | Cole, Ellen
Male Homosexuality Friedman, Richard
Man to Man Silverstein, Charles
Mental Health Issues for Sexual Minority Women Hughes, Tonda L. * | Smith, Carrol
Mental Health Professions and Homosexuality Lingiardi, Vittorio * | Drescher, Jack
Now Dare Everything Dansky, Steven F
Often Invisible Schneider, Margaret S.
Other Women Burch, Beverly
Outing Johansson, Warren * | Percy, William A.
Philosophy and Homosexuality Koertge, Noretta
Psychological Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Male Experiences Garnets, Linda D. * | Kimmel, Douglas C.
Same-Sex Love and the Path to Wholeness Hopcke, Robert H.
Sexual Conversion Therapy Shidlo, Ariel * | Schroeder, Michael
Stigma and sexual orientation : understanding prejudice against lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals Herek, Gregory M.
The Deviant’s Pocket Guide to the Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious Diclaudio, Dennis
The Homosexual Matrix Tripp, C.A.
The Male Couple Mcwhirter, David P.
Therapeutic conversations with queer youth : transcending homonormativity and constructing preferred identities Tilsen, Julie
The Velvet Rage Downs, Alan
Troubled Adolescents and HIV Infection Woodruff, John O. * | Athey, Jean Garrison | Doherty, Diane
Uncharted Lives Siegel, Stanley * | Lowe, Ed
What Every Homosexual Knows Benson, R.O.D.
When You're Having a Religious Argument Minor, Robert N.