Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Poetry | POET

Title Author Available
1000 Reasons You Might Think She is My Lover Costa, Angela
A Day for a Lay Dillard, Gavin Geoffrey
Adrienne Wetlaufer, Valerie
All Roads at Once Corn, Alfred
A Lover’s Cock and Other Gay Poems Rimbaud, Arthur * | Murat, J. | Verlaine, Paul
American Dreams (High Risk) Sapphire,
A Scattering of Salts Merrill, James
Ask to Tell Garland, Lance
Assaracus Issue 01 Borland, Bryan
Assaracus Issue 02 Borland, Bryan
Assaracus Issue 04 Borland, Bryan
Assaracus Issue 05 Borland, Bryan
Assaracus Issue 06 Borland, Bryan
Assaracus Issue 07 Borland, Bryan
Assaracus Issue 08 Borland, Bryan * | Pennington, Seth
Assaracus Issue 09 Borland, Bryan * | Pennington, Seth
Assaracus Issue 10 Borland, Bryan * | Pennington, Seth
Assaracus Issue 11 Borland, Bryan * | Pennington, Seth
Assaracus Issue 16 Borland, Bryan * | Pennington, Seth
Assaracus Issue 17 Harker, Joseph
A Strain of Laughter Patrick, Robert
A Turquoise Sky Kendal, Troy
A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far Rich, Adrienne
Bad Wife Spankings Wetlaufer, Valerie
Banalities Mozetic, Brane
Baudelaire - Rimbaud - Verlaine: Selected Verse and Prose Poems Rimbaud, Arthur * | Baudelaire, Charles | Verlaine, Paul
Best Gay Poetry 2008 Schimel, Lawrence
Between the Cracks Dillard, Gavin
Blue Thunder Children Pherigo, Cody
Boss Cupid Gunn, Thom
Brass Tacks Peake, Cole Arden
Break, Blow, Burn Paglia, Camille
Briefs Cooper, Walter
Carnivorous Saint Norse, Harold
Catullus the Complete Poems Catullus, Gaius Valerius * | Lee, Guy
Civil War Poetry and Prose Whitman, Walt
Coast to Coast Bawer, Bruce
Coin of the Realm Phillips, Carl
Collected Poems (1930-1973) Sarton, May
Collective Brightness Simmonds, Kevin
Cosmopolitan Greetings Ginsberg, Allen
Crucified Chinworth, John
Cute Everhard, Jim
Dancing on All Fours Hallman, Mark I.
Deleted Names (Body Language) Schimel, Lawrence
Dialectic of the Flesh (Body Language) Kaveney, Roz
Dream on Chrystos,
Ecstasies Broughton, James
Edward the Dyke and Other Poems Grahn, Judy
Eros in Boystown Lassell, Michael