Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Literary Studies | LIT

Title Author Available
A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory Sullivan, Nikki
A History of Gay Literature Woods, Gregory
Amazon Odyssey Atkinson, Ti-Grace.
André & Oscar Fryer, Jonathan
A Road to Stonewall Fone, Byrne R.S.
Art and Sex in Greenwich Village Picano, Felice
Between Men Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky
Bibliography of J. A. Symonds Babington, Percy L.
Closet Writing / Gay Reading Creech, James
Conversations with Edmund White Brantley, Will * | Roche, Nancy McGuire
Fifty Gay and Lesbian Books Everybody Must Read Canning, Richard
Figuring Sex between Men from Shakespeare to Rochester Hammond, Paul
Flaunting It! Jackson, Ed * | Persky, Stan
Gay and Lesbian Literature Since World War II Jones, Sonya L.
Gay and Lesbian Themes in Latin American Writing Foster, David William
Gay Cuban Nation Bejel, Emilio
Gay Fictions Summers, Claude J.
Gay Fiction Speaks Canning, Richard
Gay Rebel of the Harlem Renaissance Wirth, Thomas H. * | Jr., Henry Louis Gates
Gide’s Bent Lucey, Michael
Gore Vidal Parini, Jay
Hidden Heritage Fone, Byrne R.S.
Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature Wright, J.W. * | Rowson, Everett K.
How to Suppress Women’s Writing Russ, Joanna
Jean-Paul Sartre Thody, Philip
Lesbian Texts and Contexts Jay, Karla * | Glasgow, Joanne
Looking for Mr. Preston Antoniou, Laura
Love in a Dark Time Tóibín, Colm
Man, Oh Man Lanyon, Josh
May Sarton Sibley, Agnes
Modern Feminisms Humm, Maggie
Modernist Women and Visual Cultures Humm, Maggie
No Man's Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century, Volume 2 Gilbert, Sandra M. * | Gubar, Susan
Notes on Sontag Lopate, Phillip
Novel Gazing Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky
Oscar Wilde : a collection of critical essays Freedman, Jonathan
Outsiders : a study in life and letters Mayer, Hans
Pages Passed From Hand to Hand Mitchell, Mark * | Leavitt, David
Passionate Minds Pierpont, Claudia Roth
Playing the Game Austen, Roger
Proust (Lives) White, Edmund
Queer Cowboys Packard, Chris
Read My Desire Copjec, Joan
Reconstituting the World: The Poetry and Vision of Adrienne Rich McDaniel, Judith
Scouts in Bondage Bell, Michael * | Bell, Julian
Sex Scandal Cohen, William A.
Sexual Dissidence Dollimore, Jonathan
Sex Variant Women in Literature Foster, Jeannette * | Grier, Barbara
Sisters in Crime Reddy, Maureen T.
Sontag & Kael : opposites attract me Seligman, Craig