Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Humor | HUM

Title Author Available
A Funny Time to Be Gay Karvoski, Ed
Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Love Me & Other Trials of My Queer Life Ford, Michael Thomas
A Liar's Autobiography Volume VI Chapman, Graham * | Hills, Jonathan | Phillips, Captain Mark | Montt, Pedro | Yallop, David A. | Martin, Alex | Sherlock, David | Adams, Douglas
All About Man Gannon, Frank
And God Bless Uncle Harry and His Roommate Jack, Who We're Not Supposed to Talk About Street, Christopher
As I Lay Frying Jacobs, Fay I.
Barrel Fever Sedaris, David
But So Did Her Brother! Beck, Brian Kevin
Can’t Keep a Straight Face Orleans, Ellen * | Stevens, Noreen
Cut-Outs and Coming Out Dean, Elizabeth * | Brown, Ginger | Curran, Andrea | Wells, Linda
Doc & Raider Martin, Sean
Don’t Get Me Started Clinton, Kate
Do What I Say Cohn, Meryl
Drawing On the Gay Experience Donelan, Gerard P.
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim Sedaris, David
Dykes with Baggage Waugh, Riggin
Ex-Lover Weird Shit Riggin, W. Debra
Five Lesbian Brothers Guide to Life group), Five Lesbian Brothers (theater
Gaydar Reuter, Donald F.
Gay Men Don’t Get Fat Doonan, Simon
Growing Up Gay Cohen, Jaffe * | Smith, Bob | Stehrenberger, Michiko | Mcwilliams, Danny
Holidays on Ice Sedaris, David
How Can You Come Out if You’ve Never Been in? Vining, Donald
I'm the One That I Want Cho, Margaret
It’s Not Mean if It’s True Ford, Michael Thomas
Kvetch Witomski, T.R. * | Preston, John
Lesbian Etiquette Sausser, Gail * | Muhlback, Alice
Lesbian for Dummies Paul, Robyn
Lesbianism Made Easy Eisenbach, Helen
Lesbomania : humor, commentary, and new evidence that we are everywhere Harper, Jorjet
Let Me Kiss it Better Nickerson, Billeh
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls Sedaris, David
Limericks Naughty & Gay Fey, Dr.
Lynnee Breedlove's one freak show Breedlove, Lynn
Manners From Heaven Crisp, Quentin * | Hofsess, John
Maybe-- Maybe Not König, Ralf * | Krell, Jeff
Me Talk Pretty One Day Sedaris, David
Mondohomo Andreoli, Richard
Mongrel Chin, Justin
More Lesbian Etiquette Sausser, Gail * | Muhlback, Alice
My Big Fat Queer Life Ford, Michael Thomas
My Point-- And I Do Have One Degeneres, Ellen
Naked Sedaris, David
Now For My Next Trick... Willhoite, Michael
Openly Bob Smith, Bob
Out, Loud, & Laughing Flowers, Charles
Puppetry of the Penis Morley, Simon * | Lette, Kathy | Friend, David
Queer Notions Blanton, David
Real men don't eat quiche Feirstein, Bruce * | Lorenz, Lee
Relax! Ortleb, Charles * | Fiala, Richard