Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: History | HIST

Title Author Available
100 Years of the Gay Rights Movement in Germany Herrn, Rainier
About Time: Exploring the Gay Past Duberman, Martin
Across the Great Divide Basson, Matthew * | McCall, Laura | Garceau, Dee
A Natural History of Homosexuality Mondimore, Francis Mark
An Evening at the Garden of Allah Paulson, Don * | Simpson, Roger
A Problem in Greek Ethics Symonds, John Addington
A Queer History of the United States Bronski, Michael
A Queer Reader Higgins, Patrick
Bachelor Girl Israel, Betsy
Becoming visible : an illustrated history of lesbian and gay life in twentieth-century America McGarry, Molly
Becoming Visible: A Reader in Gay and Lesbian History for High School and College Students Jennings, Kevin
Before Stonewall Weiss, Andrea * | Schiller, Greta
Before the Closet Frantzen, Allen J.
Beloved and God Lambert, Royston
Between Little Rock and a Hard Place Mecca, Tommi Avicolli
Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky * | Davis, Madeline D.
Born to Be Gay Naphy, William
Boyopolis Persky, Stan
Byron and Greek Love: Homophobia in 19th-Century England Crompton, Louis
Cherry Grove, Fire Island Newton, Esther
Christopher and Gay Hamilton, Wallace
Corydon Gide, Andre * | Howard, Richard
Drum Beats Shively, Charley
Eros in Antiquity Monadori, Arnoldo * | Mulas, Antonia
Feeling backward : loss and the politics of queer history Love, Heather
Free Comrades Kissack, Terence
Gay American History Katz, Jonathan Ned
Gay Berlin Beachy, Robert
Gay Day Burroughs, William S. * | Miller, Neil | Ginsberg, Allen | O'neal, Hank
Gay L.A. Faderman, Lillian * | Timmons, Stuart
Gay/Lesbian Almanac Katz, Jonathan Ned
Gay New York Chauncey, George
Gay Old Girls Gershick, Zsa Zsa
Gay Resistance Deaderick, Sam * | Simpson, Roger | Turner, Tamara
Gay Seattle Atkins, Gary L.
Gay Warriors Burg, B.R.
Greek and Roman Erotica Mountfield, David
Greek Homosexuality Dover, K. J.
Greek Love Eglinton, J.Z.
Harvard's Secret Court Wright, William
Heroes and Exiles Ambrose, Tom
Hidden From History Jr., George Chauncey * | Duberman, Martin | Vicinus, Martha
Historical Perspectives on Homosexuality Licata, Salvatore J. * | Petersen, Robert P.
Homoaffectionalism: Male Bonding from Gilgamesh to the Present Hardman, Paul D.
Homophobia Fone, Byrne R.S.
Homosexuality, a History Bullough, Vern L.
Homosexuality and Civilization Crompton, Louis
Homosexuality and Male Bonding in Pre-Nazi Germany Oosterhuis, Harry * | Kennedy, Hubert
Homosexuality in History Spencer, Colin
Homosexuality in Renaissance England Bray, Alan