Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Gender Studies | GEND

Title Author Available
American manhood : transformations in masculinity from the Revolution to the modern era Rotundo, E. Anthony
As Nature Made Him Colapinto, John
Body Guards Epstein, Julia
Boys and Girls Beal, Carole R.
Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender Bullough, Bonnie * | Bullough, Vern L.
Dagger Burana, Lily * | Due, Linnea A. | Roxxie,
Delusions of Gender Fine, Cordelia
Dick for a Day Giles, Fiona
Dime Capitán Ramírez, Rafael L.
Female Masculinity Halberstam, Judith
Female Masculinity Halberstam, Jack (Judith)
Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities Chodorow, Nancy J.
Femmes of Power Dahl, Ulrika * | Volcano, Del Lagrace
Finding the Real Me Fox, Katrina * | O’keefe, Tracie
Gender Kessler, Suzanne J. * | Mckenna, Wendy
Gender Gould, Carol C.
Gender and Citizenship Siim, Birte
Gender and Development Ostergaard, Lise
Gender and History in Canada Parr, Joy
Gender Blending Devor, Holly
Gender Diversity Nanda, Serena
Gendered Relationships Wood, Julia T.
Gendered Relationships Wood, Julia T.
Gender Outlaw Bornstein, Kate
Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation Bornstein, Kate * | Bergman, S. Bear
Gender Reader, the Ashton-Jones, Evelyn * | Olson, Gary A.
Gender Reversals and Gender Cultures Ramet, Sabrina Petra
Genders 3 Kibbey, Anne
Gender Shock Burke, Phyllis
Girlfriend Brubach, Holly * | O’brien, Michael James
Herculine Barbin Barbin, Herculine * | Foucault, Michel
Him/Her/Self Filene, Peter G. * | May, Elaine Tyler
Homosexuality, Masculinity & Femininity Ross, Michael W.
Making Sex Laqueur, Thomas
Man and Woman, Boy and Girl Money, John * | Ehrhard, Anke A.
Manhood in America : a cultural history Kimmel, Michael S.
Masculinities Connell, R. W.
Masculinity/Femininity Reinisch, June Machover * | Rosenblum, Leonard A. | Sanders, Stephanie A.
MDIA Michigan Discussions in Anthropology Hurtig, Janise * | Gillogly, Kate
Men as Women, Women as Men Lang, Sabine * | Vantine, John L.
Monsieur D’eon is a Woman Kates, Gary
Mother Camp Newton, Esther
My Gender Workbook Bornstein, Kate
My Gender Workbook Bornstein, Kate * | Dimassa, Diane
Neither Man Nor Woman Nanda, Serena
New Men, New Minds Abbott, Franklin
Non Binary Gillman, Melanie
One of the Boys Plummer, David
Persistence Coyote, Ivan E. * | Sharman, Zena
Pink and Blue Paoletti, Jo Barraclough