Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Children's Books | CHILD

Title Author Available
A Beach Party with Alexis Johnson-Calvo, Sarita
A Clear Spring Wilson, Barbara
A Different Dolphin Clippinger, Aaron
A Family is a Circle of People Who Love You Jasinek, Doris * | Price, Caroline | Ryan, Pamela Bell
A Girl Like Any Other LaBelle, Sophie
All Kinds of Families Simon, Norma * | Lasker, Joe
And Tango Makes Three Richardson, Justin
A Princess of Great Daring! Hill-Meyer, Tobi
Asha’s Mums Elwin, Rosamund
A Tale of Two Mommies Oelschlager, Vanita * | Blanc, Mike
Baseball Ballerina Carter, Abby * | Cristaldi, Kathryn
B in the World Mentyka, Sharon
Brundibar Sendak, Maurice
Ciel at Camp Fabulous LaBelle, Sophie
Daddy's Roommate Willhoite, Michael
Families, Families, Families! Lang, Suzanne
Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Coloring Book Bunnell, Jt * | Reinheimer, Irit
Gloria Goes to Gay Pride Newman, Leslea
Heather Has Two Mommies Newman, Leslea * | Souza, Diana
How Would You Feel if Your Dad Was Gay? Heron, Ann * | Kovick, Kris | Maran, Meredith
Jennifer Has Two Daddies Galloway, Dr Priscilla * | Auml, Ana
Meet Polkadot Broadhead, Talcott
My Grandma Has AIDS Reeder-Bey, Valerie * | Wilburn, Annisha Monic
My Two Uncles Vigna, Judith
One Family Shannon, George
Pearl's Christmas Present Wurst, Thomas
Princess Charming Wildsmith, Sarah * | Paramonova, Lea
Promised Land Reynolds, Adam * | Harris, Chaz
The Boy Who Cried Fabulous Newman, Leslea * | Ferguson, Peter
The Day They Put a Tax on Rainbows Valentine, Johnny * | Schmidt, Lynette
The Genderific Coloring Book LaBelle, Sophie
Understanding AIDS Lerner, Ethan A.
Who's in a Family? Skutch, Robert * | Nienhaus, Laura
Zack’s Story Greenberg, Keith Elliot * | Halebian, Carol
Zak's Safari Tyner, Christy