Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library Catalog

Category: Culture | CULT

Title Author Available
21st Century Gay Malone, John
50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live Kompes, Gregory A.
A History of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Carbery, Graham
An archive of feelings : trauma, sexuality, and lesbian public culture Cvetkovich, Ann
Another Mother Tongue Grahn, Judy
Bag of Toys France, David
Below the Belt Wilson, Angelia R.
Bohemian Los Angeles and the Making of Modern Politics Hurewitz, Daniel
Camp Grounds Bergman, David
Cassell’s Queer Companion : A Dictionary of Lesbian and Gay Life and Culture Stewart, William
Ceremonies of the Heart Butler, Becky
Completely Queer Hogan, Steve * | Hudson, Lee
Culture Clash Bronski, Michael
Dictionary of Sexual Slang Richter, Alan
Different Rainbows Drucker, Peter
Displacing Homophobia: Gay Male Perspectives in Literature and Culture Butters, Ronald R. * | Moon, Michael | Clum, John M.
Dyke Drama Lange, Leslie
Dyke Life: From Growing Up to Growing Old Jay, Karla
Eye to Eye JEB, * | Nestle, Joan | Schwarz, Judith
Friends and Lovers Preston, John * | Lowenthal, Michael
From the Closet to the Courts: The Lesbian Transition Simpson, Ruth
Garden Variety Dykes Reti, Irene * | Chase, Valerie Jean
Gay-2-Zee Reuter, Donald F.
Gay and Lesbian San Francisco Lipsky, William
Gay and Lesbian Weddings Toussaint, David * | Leo, Heather
Gay Artists in Modern American Culture Sherry, Michael S.
Gay by the Bay Stryker, Susan * | Buskirk, Jim van | Maupin, Armistead
Gay & Lesbian Online Dawson, Jeff
Gay Life and Culture Aldrich, Robert
Gay Men, Straight Jobs Woog, Dan
Gay Planet Chaline, Eric
Gay Pride Mcdarrah, Fred W. * | Johnston, Jill | Taylor, Robert | Ginsberg, Allen | Mcdarrah, Timothy S.
Gay Sex Quotes Erich, John
Gay Skins Healy, Murray
Gay Source Sanders, Dennis
Gender & Sexuality for Beginners Garbacik, Jaimee * | Lewis, Jeffrey
Get on with it Laermer, Richard
Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Cruz, Melissa De La * | Dolby, Tom | Maupin, Armistead
Guide to Gracious Lesbian Living Baboo, S. * | Belleau, Janick | Kivi, K. Linda | Graham, Candis J. | Thorne, Jay | Burnham, Kimberly | Perry, Jorica | Wallner, Susan | Gabriel, D. | Wildeman, Marlene
Guilty Pleasures Robertson, Pamela
Guy to Goddess Richardson, Bill * | Norbury, Rosamond
Home Plate Wehage, Dug
Hometowns Preston, John
Homocons Goldstein, Richard
I Do Metrick, Sydney Barbara
I'm Looking for Mr. Right, But I'll Settle for Mr. Right Away: AIDS, True Love, the Perils of Safe Sex and Other Spiritual Concerns of the Gay Male Flood, Gregory
In or Out Hadleigh, Boze
Inventing Ourselves HallCarpenterArchives,
Journal of Homosexuality DeCecco, John P.
Kings & Queens: Queers at the Prom Boyer, David